Get to Know Me Tag

The get to know me tag is a fun way to express yourself and you can answer them any way you like. In this way, when anybody reads the post, they will get to know about you. It is up to you whether you are putting too personal information or just being professional. If you think there is a chance that too many strangers will read, you can always be strict about the answers. Do not worry so much, just put down the answer that comes to your mind. If you want to know about someone, ask them the questions, and a part of them will reveal that you did not know. Your friends and family will get to know you better after you answer this, the best part is you will know yourself more. Here is the get to know me tag questions.

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1.What do you prefer, cats or dogs? 2.Is there a country you would want to visit and why?  3.What was the best day of your entire life so far? 4.Do you have children? If you do not have them yet, do you want any and how many? 5.What was the scariest thing you ever did and what do you think about a bungee-jump? 6.What kind of ending to a movie do you like: happy ending, scary ending, sad ending, incomplete one or other? If other, then mention the type.

Get to Know Me Tag

Get to Know Me Tag

7.What is your eye color and if you got the chance to alter the color what would you pick? 8.What is your hair length goals and how do you plan on reaching them? 9.What do you love the most and would never want it to disappear from your life? 10.What was the funniest thing you wore as a custom during the Halloween when you were a school kid? 11.What was your first job? If you have not gotten a job yet, what would you like to work as? 12.What are your favorite foods and why?

13.If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would you select?
14.Do you like waking up early in the morning (early bird) or you love staying up at night (night owl)?
15.What is the operating system of your phone (iOS, Android, Windows or other)?
16.Do you visit the social networking sites regularly? (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr and etc.)
17.Can you tell the time without looking at the clock, watch or phone?
18.What is your favorite fish? Name one for eating and the other as just pet or in the wild. For example, (salmon for food, goldfish as pet, and shark as predator fish)

19.How would you describe your first best friend? 20.What is the first thing you eat or drink in the morning or when you wake up? 21.Whose body would you go into if you were given the chance to enter someone’s body?

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