Best list of boyfriend tag questions

She is sitting in front of the television, what is on the screen? (It is the friendship tag questions) You’re out for dinner at a restaurant, what type of dressing does she order on her salad? (You can tag your best friend) What is one food she does not like? (This is one of best friend tag questions) What beverage does she order when you go out to eat? (It is the friendship tag questions) What size shoe does she wear?

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What is her favorite kind of sandwich? (Just tag your best friend) What food/meal would she eat every day if she could? (It is also a funny tag questions) What is her favorite cereal? What is her favorite music? Who is her favorite sports team?

Best list of boyfriend tag questions

Best list of boyfriend tag questions

What color are her eyes? Who is her best friend? (Just tags to do with your best friend) What is an activity she wants to do that you do not? (Do the best friend tag) Where is she from? What type of cake would she want at her wedding? Does she play any sports? What does she do in her free time? What is one unique talent she has?

You’re going out to eat- what does she decide to wear?

You’re going out shopping- what do you think she is most likely to purchase?

What is her favorite meal from a restaurant?

What is her favorite song right now?

What is her favorite color? What is one thing she loves doing but most people don’t? What is her family history? Who said ‘I like you’ first? What is the best part about your relationship? Who said ‘I love you’ first? What is one thing you love about her? (Here are the questions for a best friend tag)

4 thoughts on “Best list of boyfriend tag questions

  1. Amy Moss

    Thanks guys, this was so totally great.
    My boyfriend and me had an most rad time doing this.
    I hope we can do more quizzes like this.

  2. Chris Corbett

    LOVED playing this with my girlfriend. Had so much fun that I had to log into her account and post the comment below just to multiply the amount of fun we had doing this.
    Please post more in 2016.
    I’ve saved the website and I will be waiting.
    Good times guys. Good times.


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