Best 25 Questions Tag

Tag questions are supposed to be fun and interesting. There is nothing so serious about them. Here are best 25 questions out of the million questions out there on the web. The answers will let the readers know about the person they are reading about and there is nothing so intense about them. It consists of random questions for entertainment. The one answering will have a fun time reading the questions and answering them.

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1.When was the last time you checked your phone? 2.Can you tell the difference between a tax lawyer and a tax attorney? 3.The cosmetics company MAC got their name from Make-up and Cosmetic (M.A.C). Why do you think the computers manufactured by Apple Inc. called Mac? 4.Would you stay at a ski resort and spend your winter vacations or go to the beach and spend the summer holidays? 5.Can you name some of the bestselling artists and the country they are from, the first one is done for you? (Beatles from the United Kingdom)

Best 25 Questions Tag

Best 25 Questions Tag

6.Are there any special dishes that you can prepare while you cook that is authentic and classy? 7.What is your favorite combination with glitter? 8.Where were you five hours ago and what were you doing? 9.How many pets do you have? Mention names if you have any. 10.What do you think is overrated nowadays? 11.Can you tell the meaning of all these words: flabbergasted, implacable, obsequious, perusal, plethora, superfluous, sycophant and wanton? 12.What is your name online for chatrooms and other places, as in what username do you put up and where did you get that idea?

13.What is about live ice-creams that makes them so delicious or do you prefer the ones that has been frozen for hours?
14.Do you like to wake up in the morning or stay up late during the night and sleep the whole day?
15.There are many reasons why video games may be a good thing like the kids stay home and play them and do not have time for bad things like drugs, do you agree?
16.Do you use any paid apps on your phone and do you believe that they make less money than the free apps?
17.Is there anything you are addicted to that takes most of your focus and time?
18.Would you rather watch a Disney movie like Frozen or a horror movie that makes you shiver?
19.Do you like chocolates?
20.Is there anything you hate?
21.Do you know anyone who sucks up to others?
22.Do you think wearing glass is better than contact lenses?

23.Do you believe in buying from the same shop over and over again or do you think variety is better? 24.Which profession do you think makes the most money: doctor, teacher, astronaut, singer, actor or an engineer? 25.What was your aim in life when you were a kid and what are you doing now?

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