Best 50 Questions Tag

There are many questions out there as tag questions. Here are the best 50 tag questions to ask someone or to answer yourself. This is a fun way to spend some time and let others have fun too. Here are best 50 tag questions.

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Friendship test tag questions

Furry friend tag questions

1.Can you describe yourself in a single sentence? 2.How many siblings do you have? 3.What did you have for breakfast today? 4.Are you scared of the dark? 5.What is your favorite dessert? 6.Where do you plan to live in the future? 7.What are your goals in life?
8.Do you want to have kids some day? 9.What is the best gift someone could give you on your birthday this year? 10.Do you like a black or a white iPhone?

Best 50 Questions Tag

Best 50 Questions Tag

11.How many eggs do you eat in a day? 12.Do you use the conditioner after you use the shampoo? 13.What size shoe do you wear? 14.Whom do you trust the most? 15.What kind of relationship you have with your parents? 16.What is your idea of world peace? 17.Did you brush your teeth last night? 18.Do you cry when you cut onions? 19. What were your favorite bedtime stories? 20.Do you like to watch movie trailers?

21.Who is your favorite movie villain?
22.Did you ever finish a whole book in a single day?
23.Can you survive without water for more than six hours?
24.Do you like shopping?
25.What is the size of your bed?
26.Can you roast a turkey?
27.Is there anything that you regret?
28.What is your favorite flower?
29.Is there anything you fin beautiful?
30.Are you bored most of the time?
31.Can you live in the jungle for a month?
32.Is there any lyrics you know by heart?
33.Which animal’s personality you think resembles you?
34.If you could name a country, what would you call it?
35.Do you like those chocolates that comes with surprise toys?
36.What is your idea of fun?
37.What attracts you easily in the opposite gender?
38.Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?
39.Do you remember any story your grandmother told you?

40.Will you play in a ball pit for kids if you got the chance? 41.What superpower would you want and why? 42.If you could be invisible where would you go? 43.What is the most expensive thing you bought recently? 44.How many pizzas can you eat at once?
45.What is your true love’s name? 46.How did you both meet? 47.Is there anything you would like to change about your partner? 48.Do you like when someone cooks for you?49.Would you go on a lake trip with your dog if you had one? 50.Is there any mobile app that you do not use but never delete it?

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