Friend Tag Questions

Do you think you know your friend too well? If you are unsure about that, you can always check with friend tag questions. If you can answer most of the questions about your friend, then you are a really good companion. The friend should treasure you because you are precious. You know all about them. You can test them the same way by asking them the same questions and see what they do. This is a fun way to spend time with your friends and see who knows whom the most. It can also be posted on YouTube and other social medias so that others can watch and like it. Here are the friend tag questions.

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Friendship test tag questions

Furry friend tag questions

1.What is the full name of your friend and what does it mean? 2.Who is your friend’s favorite person/artist/superhero/fictional character/president/Star Wars character? 3.If your mate’s entire house is on fire and it is burning down in flames what do you think are the things he or she would bring with them when they leave the house for safety? 4.What is your friend’s favorite color/food/song/activity/place/shop/restaurant? 5.If your friend is a girl, does she like to wear heels with a small beautiful red dress or go with a white formal shirt and torn jeans? In case of a boy, does he like to wear suits, tie and dress shoes or does he like to wear a casual and comfortable t-shirt and jeans?

Friend Tag Questions

Friend Tag Questions

6.What is his or her favorite snacks? 7.Does he or she like window shopping or they actually gather a lot of money and go to shopping to buy the things they need? 8.What was her aim in life when he or she was a kid and what are they doing now? 9.Do you think that your friend can spot the difference between Pepsi and Coke? 10.What is your friend’s favorite season?

11.What are the three things that your friend does not know about you?
12.Do you think your friend knows that it is no fun to win the lottery because most of the money goes to the government in the form of tax and they need to pay a lot of money to the attorney?
13.Can your friend cook? Is there any special dish they can prepare with ease?
14.Does our friend have any things that is so special that he or she would never trade it for anything else?
15.What did your friend have for breakfast and lunch today?
16.Can you name some of the websites where your mate has an account?

17.Did he or she ever danced in the rain or they cried in the rain? 18.If he or she got a chance to be locked up with someone in a room for the next three days or 72 hours who would they pick? 19.Will your friend want to become a millionaire and attractive and die in two years or be poor and unattractive and live forever?

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