Best 100 Questions Tag

There are many questions that are stranger than others. If someone is looking for questions to ask someone in order to get to know them better than they can ask the best 100 questions tag. One can even use the questions to post on social media and this is a good way to pass time and let their friends know about them. They can tag their friends and family in the post and they will later give their answers in another new post. Here are those questions.

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Friendship test tag questions

Furry friend tag questions

1.What was the second last photo of you that you took with your phone? 2.What is the last thing you did yesterday before going to bed? 3.How many times do you wash your feet in a day? 4.What are the three words to describe your personality? 5.Have you ever made a prank call to someone? What was the prank about?

Best 100 Questions Tag

Best 100 Questions Tag

6.What are some of the compliments you have received in the last couple of days? 7.What is your favorite childhood rhyme? 8.What did you see in your dream last night? 9.What are you scared of the most? 10.Are you interested in true horror stories? 11.Can you sing like a pro? 12.Why do you think many people do not get along well with their family? 13.Do you like boiled eggs or scrambled eggs? 14.Do you know any way to make money fast? 15.What are your favorite superheroes?

16.Are you interested about underwater life?
17.Do you like grilling or baking?
18.What is the one thing you do not leave your home without?
19.Do you like to dance?
20.When did you get your last haircut?
21.What would you do if you could be an astronaut for a day?
22.What is your favorite planet?
23.Is there anything special you learned as a kid?
24.If you did not have internet connection for a year, what would you do?
25.Physics or Chemistry?
26.Do you like to walk on the beach?
27.Are you scared of cockroaches?
28.Do you still watch Disney movies?
29.When did you last have a nightmare?
30.Do you ever have headaches?
31.What is your favorite TV channel?
32.Have you read all the books of Twilight or Harry Potter?
33.Do you like babies?
34.Would you rather live forever or die early?
35.Are you scared of the dentist?
36.What color would you like to dye your hair?
37.When is your birthday?
38.Do you like illusions?
39.Can you tell the difference between a fresh salmon and an old one?
40.Do you eat avocados every day?
41.Can you wash your clothes without the machine?
42.Do you have more than one YouTube accounts?
43.Purple or blue?
44.What was the best thing you bought?
45.Do you sleep in the dark or with the lights on?
46.What operating system do you use for your cellphone?
47.Windows or Mac?
48.What is your favorite vegetable?
49.Do you like coffee or tea?
50.Would you take a free helicopter ride or a seven-day trip in a 5-star hotel?
51.What are you going to dress up for Halloween this year?
52.Do you agree that life is like a roller coaster?
53.What is that one thing that never fails to make you smile?
54.What are you allergic to?
55.What makes you laugh?
56.Are you open to spiritually?
57.How often do you see your best friend?
58.What is your favorite fruit?
59.Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
60.When are you the strongest?
61.Whom do you trust the most?
62.Do you give importance to the value of friendship?
63.Is there anything you wish to do before death?
64.Is there anything you love to do but never do it for some reason?
65.Do you like diamonds?
66.Do you bite your nails?
67.What is your favorite baby photo of yourself?
68.As a child, whom did you adored the most?
69.What are you grateful for in your life?
70.How many selfies do you take in a day?
71.Do you ever think you are on a wrong path?
72.What would you do with ten million dollars?
73.Can you survive eating only pizza and water for a month?
74.Would you ever visit Africa?
75.Are you jealous of anyone?
76.Do you like parties?
77.What was the last thing you learned?
78.Is there any day of the week that you do not like?
79.With whom do you share all your secrets?
80.Who is that one person you trust the most?
81.Are you into French fries or potato wedges?
82.Do you like baked salmon or a roasted chicken?
83.Is there any online game that you play?
84.What are your favorite hobbies?
85.Do you exercise daily?
86.Did you ever get lost?
87.Did the cops ever arrest you?
88.Do you have any tattoos?
89.Can you sing the national anthem?

90.Do you have long nails or short ones? 91.How many hours do you sleep? 92.What do you think about dress shoes? 93.Do you use hacks and cheat for games? 94.Do you have any crush? 95.What is your favorite weather? 96.What is your favorite cheese?97.How do you spend your Saturdays? 98.Is there anything you regret about your love life? 99.Are ghosts real? 100.How many times do you drink water in a day?

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