Best List of Sister Tag Questions

A sister is the best friend anyone can have. A person can agree or disagree to this statement because their best friend may be someone else like a classmate or neighbor. The truth is they will be close to you for a certain time and when you are not in touch they will forget you and make someone else their new bestie. A sister can never replace you no matter how many buddies she has. She will never tell your secret to others and will never back bite about you. People get disappointed when their best friend stabs them in the back. A sister will never do that because after they are family.

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Sister tag questions are where both the sisters answer about each other to assess how much they know about each other. There are many interrogations out there if you search the web but here is the best list of sister tag questions. You can make a video with your sister and say the answers so that the viewers can about you. If that is not what you want, you can simply test each other and have a great time. Here is the best list of sister tag questions.

Best List of Sister Tag Questions

Best List of Sister Tag Questions

1.Can you tell each other’s favorite color? It is something every sibling should know about each other even if they do not want to know. That is because at one point or the other they will automatically get to know about it unintentionally. For example, one sibling may wear red too often, then could mean that she likes it. The other one can have everything like bed sheets, pillow covers, bags, shoes in blue color, that means that is her favorite color.

2.What is each other’s horoscope? This question is not important unless you believe in them but it is a fun way to know if you know what sign each of you belong to. Some people strongly believe them while others do not have much idea.

3.If you had the option to live forever would you pick and why? The other person is supposed to know this because someone people do not want to live while others are scared to die.

4.Can you tell each other’s favorite day of the week? While some people may hate Tuesdays, there are many people who has favorite days in the seven days like Saturdays or Sundays.

5.If you were asked to eat only ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would you pick? A sibling knows if the other one can survive by eating only pizzas or cakes. A sister can tell this with ease because they always eat together.

6.Who takes the more time to get ready? A sister will always want her sister to look prettier than her, unlike friends who just gets jealous when they are looking good.

7.What phone do you use? Since both of them live together this is an easy answer and even if they were living in separate places, they are suppose to know the answer to this.


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