Best Friend Questions

Best friend questions are all about assessing each other because nobody is closer than them. They know all about you, what you like and what you do. They know your past, present and future. Therefore, it will be a fun way to spend time together by evaluating how much you both know about each other. You may have over 500 friends on social sites, but they will never be there when you will need them. There is only person who is going to be always there for you. Nowadays, everybody is not kind and nobody cares about others’ problems. A best buddy will respect you, be trustworthy and reduce your stress. You will be able to tell them anything and they will never judge you. During those times, when someone hurts you, you will always have someone to express all the sorrows without feeling like a loser. Here are some best friend questions that you can ask them to see how much they know about you.

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1.What am I addicted to? Only the best companion knows what the other person is addicted to whether it is song, a food or a drink. Therefore, if the other person can get it correctly, then they are surely the one.

Best Friend Questions

Best Friend Questions

2.What is my current mood? They are supposed to know when you are happy, sad, excited, depressed or bored. They are experts at knowing what is the mood of the other person without even seeing their face. Just by hearing their voice over the phone, they can tell how the other one is feeling.

3.What is my natural hair color? Nowadays, people color their hair either the full head or some strips of green, purple or red. Only someone really close would be aware of the real color of the hair.

4.How tall am I? A person usually talks about heights with their best friend from time to time when run out of topics. They will be like “I am five feet five inches and you?” “I am five feet one inches” “Ha-ha! I am taller.

5.What is my favorite animal? Someone really close is supposed to know whether you like a lion or a bear. It can also be that you are an animal lover and you love a whole bunch of animals or the full wildlife or it can be that you do not like any animal. It can also be that you like a specific one like a polar bear or a cat.

6.What is my aim in life or what profession do I want to choose for my future? Occupation, career and profession are an important topic that friends discuss and the best friend is going to be familiar with the job you want whether it is a fashion designer, architect or a teacher.

7.What did I want to be when I was a kid? While mentioning about the future, the other person may have mentioned something like this “I want to choose certified public accountant as my job after I graduate, it is funny that when I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut and land on the moon”.

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