Friendship test tag questions

This is a list of friendship test tag questions. When did you first become friends? (Do the best friend tag) What are your nicknames for each other? (Just tags to do with your best friend) Describe one another using only one word. (It is also a funny tag questions) Who is their favorite artist? (Just tag your best friend) Who is more likely to get drunk first? (It is the friendship tag questions) What is your favorite song to dance to? (This is one of best friend tag questions)

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When was a time that you were angry at one another? Would you rather travel to the beach, mountains, or forest together? Can they give you a hug or kiss? What are two things about yourself that your best friend does not know? What song immediately reminds you of your best friend? What is the most attractive thing about your best friend’s appearance? What is their favorite food?

Friendship test tag questions

Friendship test tag questions

Who does your best friend have a crush on at the moment? What is something that irritates you about the other? What is your favorite personality trait of your best friend? What is their favorite accessory? What do you wish you could do with each other?

Describe your ideal husband/wife.

When did you truly know you “liked” your best friend?

What are their strange skills or attributes?

What is their biggest concern?

Do they like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr best?

What do you miss most when you’re away from your best friend?

Make a funny face. (You can tag your best friend)

1.) What’s your favorite memory together?

2.) What is your friend’s dream job?

3.) What is their favorite brand of makeup?

4.) If you could go anywhere in the world, where wouldn’t you go and why?

5.) What is your funniest inside joke?

6.) Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

7.) What’s a quality your best friend must have?

8.) My best friend looks gorgeous when ________.

10.) Do they prefer pants or dresses/skirts?

11.) What is their favorite pet?

12.) If your home was burning down and your family was okay, what item would you save and why?

13.) Who said ‘I Love You’ first?

14.) Do you prefer horror, comedy, or chick flicks?

15.) Impersonate your best friend.

16.) What is their favorite film and television show?

17.) What is their favorite sex position?

17.) Do they prefer lamps on or off?

18.) Rim or iPhone?

19.) Are they a morning person or a night owl?

20.) Do you agree that guys are difficult to understand? 21.) Where do you prefer getting kissed? 22.) What is your favorite cartoon Television program? 23.) What is a big lie you told your father and mother? 24.) What meal would you prepare for me and why? 25.) What is something you wish to change about your best friend? 26.) What do you do in the evening whenever you can’t fall asleep? (It is the friendship tag questions) 27.) Who would you pick: Jessica Szohr, Channing Tatum, Taylor Lautner or Hayden Panittiere? (Here are the questions for a best friend tag)

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